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Installation Guide

Quick Instruction Guide

Please read these instructions carefully before using the device. 

1. Choose a GSM network’s SIM card.  Please turn off the device before installing the card. The watch's SIM card needs to have GPRS and caller ID functionality. Install the GPS Tracker App on your phone.

2. Functions and Features

  •  GPS & base station connectivity
  •  Mobile phone or Computer GPRS service platform, double control model
  •  GPRS real-time location monitor
  •  2-way calling
  •  Health monitor
  •  Location tracing
  •  Watch and alarm functionality
  •  Safe area set-up
  •  SOS emergency alert
  •  Watch removal alert
  •  Low power alarm
  •  Remote turn off

3. Buttons and Features

4. Display Screen

5. Operating Instruction

5.1 APP Registration  

The device needs to be registered by hand before logging in. The ID for registration can be accessed by scanning the bar-code at the bottom of the page or input by hand.The user name must have a minimum of 4 characters (letter-numeric combinations only). ID and user name is unique and can not be repeated. All other information can be input manually. It is also possible to change the password. An example of registration is shown below:

5.2 Log in

5.2.1 APP Menu 

After you've completed registration, you may input your account number and password, click login, and enter the main menu. The main menu will be shown as below:

Feature Instructions:

1 - 2-way calling: Connect your phone to the GPS watch. Once the light shows activation, turn on the record function. App will begin to record and send sound notes to the watch. The longest voice recording can be up to 15s long. Short press the SOS button to play record. To listen to your recording, long press the ON button, release then send a recorded sound note. The APP terminal will show a prompt message. The time for receiving messages may vary based on service providers.

2 - Map:Real-time check the watch’s location The map menu display the watch and APP mobile phone position.Watch start to count for 3 minutes by Click “location”. The interval time for upload is 3s. After 3 minutes it will back to the default work style. We can know the pattern of the watch location in real-time on the map menu.When location icon is red it is GPS location, Yellow is LBS location.

3 - Setting: Parameters Settings for GPS Kids Smart Watch

① Set SOS phone number: 3 phone numbers can be set,It will alert after 3S if press SOS key when in emergency situation. Call the 3 phone number periodic. If nobody answer it will be over after two turns.

② Monitor: Usually parents' phone number are set as monitor number.When confirmed the watch dial the monitor number initiatively,But the watch can not hear any sound from phone. In that way the phone can monitor watch

③No disturbing time: The three time shield all calls.

④Message prompt setting: Low voltage,SOS,three kinds of alert message switch when turn off the watch.

⑤Baby address list: 10 phone numbers to call for watch.

⑥Phone book:10 phone book numbers can be set in the watch. These 10 numbers can dial to watch in two-way.

⑦Recover default work model: Default work model-open APP for 24 hours, the upload interval time is 10 minutes.

⑧ turn off: It can not press "OFF" key to turn off the watch once it start work normal.Only Through APP to remote turn-off ⑷Safety area:The smallest radius of the fence is 500m. Alert will happen when for inside of the fence to outside ⑸Award for warm heart: Choose the number of the red hearts, click to send to watch,it will display the warm heart and the numbers. ⑹Watch alarm: 3 watch alarm is available and also you can select the model of the watch to meet your needs. ⑺Seek the watch:Send command while the watch is not at hand, the watch will ring for 1 minutes so that you can find out it. Press any key can stop it. Clients can know other function will be introduced in “MINE” and “HELP”menu.

5.2.2 Account Menu

“HELP” document describe details of all function. Client can go through that.

5.3 Watch alert instruction

Client will get alert push when it happens from watch. Phone client click the alert and enter APP main menu to check the details in information center.

6.Watch work model Three base work models: Normal model, Power saving model, Real-time location model.Different models have different interval upload time.Client can set work model based one needs. Normal model: 600s upload time interval; Power saving model: 3600s upload time interval; Real-time model: 60s upload time interval.

7.Watch relative instructions

7.1 Watch SOS emergency alert Long press SOS key for 3s. It will display SOS on screen.Watch will be on alert state.Circular dial 3 SOS numbers for two will stop when call answered. If not, it will continue until the two turns over.Watch can send message to monitor number(default “off” state) .Also, send alert notification to APP.

7.2 Remove wrist alert There is sensor switch on watchband. It will alert unless you wear the watch for at least 3 minutes. The watch send alert message to monitor number(default “off” state).At the same time sent alert notification to APP. The watch then have remove symbol.

7.3 Low power alert The watch battery appear in percentage. When lower than 20% the alert will happen.The watch send alert message to monitor number(default “off” state).At the same time sent alert notification to APP.

7.4 Health

7.4.1 Steps count There is 3D sensor inside watch. It will count steps intelligent while work or run. Clients can know themselves sports state from APP.

7.4.2 Sleep quality According to the frequency and range of watch flipping to judge client’s sleep quality.Default check time is 10:00pm to 7:00am second day.The relative date can obtain from APP terminal.

7.4.3 Amount of exercise According to footsteps,number of steps and weight to calculate. Footsteps and weight can be input.

7.4.4 Sports journey The result of calculate from step count and footsteps.Footsteps can be set

7.5 Inter-phone Long press “ON”key to record, release to sent voice to APP. There will be one voice symbol when receive the voice..Short press SOS to play the voice.The symbol disappear after finish.

7.6 Voice monitor The watch need to set monitor number firstly.After give voice monitor command ,dial to monitored number.This is one-way talk.

7.7 Turn off You can press OFF key,remote turn off from APP and power off without card.

7.8 Family dial There are 2 family dial key.Dial out when long press. Family number1 corresponding to SOS1 number. Family number2 corresponding to SOS2 number.

7.9 Address list 10 phone numbers are available to set. And those phone number can dial to watch.Implement two-way talk. 8 Trouble shoot 1) the SIM inside watch is gsm networks or not, such as telecommunications does not support.

2) the SIM card is opened the data traffic, data traffic must be compatible with 2g of watches currently only 2g of data traffic.

3) server parameters namely IP and port, ID is correct, we must ensure consistent and watches factory barcode id id watches posted writes, customers can edit their own mobile phone text messages pw, 123456, ts # sent to watch (wristwatch card must be installed power, SMS must be in English input method), if agents do not understand can ask.

4) not registered in two situations: a prompt device number does not exist or the device number has been registered, must find agents processing; b Tip account that is already registered the account has been registered, the customer can simply change an account


Download the Android and iOS for mobile phone app by scanning the code above.